This document is used to determine "who you are" and to ensure that you are at least 18 years old or the Age of Majority in your country (whichever is greater).

You will need a BLUE PEN and 2 forms of government issued identification such as a Passport, Driver's License, National Document Card, or Tax ID Number. All information provided is CONFIDENTIAL.

1) Please click on the following link and complete the appropriate text fields: 2257

Special Notes:

a) Please include your full name exactly as it appears on your identification in order by FIRST, MIDDLE, and then LAST NAME. For example: JANE ANN SMITH.

b) Both identifications must both have the exact full names and Type 1 MUST be a picture ID such as a Passport, Driver's License, or National Document Card.

c) All dates need to be in U.S. Format - month/day/year.

2) Please click SUBMIT and then PRINT in COLOR.

3) Using your BLUE PEN, please initial each completed text field within sections A., B., C. and MODEL'S SWORN STATEMENT. Using the example below you'll see 6 places where your initials should be.
PRINT a Copy and then SIGN THE DOCUMENT on the line where it reads Model's Signature.

4) Please scan this document in COLOR and save the file as yourfull-name.225.jpg
For example: janeannsmith.2257.jpg

The following is a correct example of the 2257:

5) Please make an ENLARGED copy in COLOR of the FRONT (or Page 1) and BACK (or Page 2) of both of the identifications used in the 2257.

6) Using your BLUE PEN, please sign and date (month/day/year) these color copies.

7) Please scan these copies in COLOR and save the files as yourfullname.ID1-Front.jpg, yourfullname.ID1-Back.jpg, yourfullname.ID2-Front.jpg, yourfullname.ID2-Back.jpg
For example: janeannsmith.DNI1-Front.jpg

The following are correct examples of the ID Color Copies:

8) Given that your application is being processed online, you will need to submit digital photos of you holding the FRONT and BACK of your identifications. This is a legal process confirming that it is you who is completing the registration process.

Special Notes

a) Carefully, hold the edges of the ID. Please make sure that your fingers are NOT covering any of the letters or numbers or the application will be rejected.

b) Please make sure that when you zoom in on the photo, we are able to see the letters and numbers clearly on the identifications. If not, the application will be rejected.

9) Please download and save your digital photos as yourfullname.photo1.jpg
For example: janeannsmith.photo1.jpg

The following are correct examples of the Digital Photos:

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